Dannah Chaifetz is a professional intuitive and a psychic medium who has had these abilities all of her life. As Dannah looks at people or at photographs of people, she receives very specific information for and about them which offer clear cut and manageable ways to help you to become free of self restraints and subconscious patterns. She also receives information about partners, children and people close to you. Dannah is currently on staff at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck and at Menla Mountain Retreat in Phoenicia, offering her Intuitive Soul Guidance, and has also led spirit guide workshops at Lily Dale. Her channeled guidance, suggestions and information is often transformational.


Dannah will take your photo with her laptop and delete it when the session is over. As she looks at your photos,  she will tell you what she’s seeing and feeling, and what you may need to know. You may also ask her questions.


If you want to discuss any relationships bring along their photos – photos of people on your phone are the easiest way for her to read people and you may also take photos of photographs if needed.  As long as she can clearly see the person’s eyes she can read the person.


• Break through emotional blocks that hold you back
• Understand yourself better
• Gain clarity
• Receive guidance to help you sort out your life and your emotions
• Gain valuable insights about yourself and your relationships
• Heal and make changes to become more balanced and whole

Dannah Chaifetz at Woodstock Healing Arts

Intuitive/Psychic Medium

Dannah Chaifetz is on staff at The Omega Institute, offering her Intuitive Soul Guidance, and at The Menla Mountain Retreat House in Phoenicia, NY and has also led spirit guide workshops at Lilydale.