Our biology houses and reflects our psychology. The body is the structure that remembers the past. It bares the simple truth. Bodies intimately and directly know what the mind edits and forgets. Minds selectively reconstruct, defend against, and distance from pain through elaborate interpretation and “storytelling.” Pain seeks our attention. Our emotional distress “speaks” through our physical distress; we hold physical pain to defend against anticipated emotional pain. Healing is not about fixing or “getting rid of” a body symptom. Rather, healing occurs naturally, as we release old ways of defending and behaving, as we develop a more conscious and intimate relationship to the body, and a more authentic relationship to life.


Elise artfully blends somatic and psychotherapeutic modalities, engaging and guiding clients in a dynamic interplay she calls SYNtegration Therapy. SYNtegration utilizes acupressure point and muscular releases, sensation awareness, body-centered dialogue, active imagination, and dreamwork; the effect is greater than the sum of its parts. The process leads to a new understanding and healthier relationship to one’s body and symptoms, resulting in a feeling of physical and psychological spaciousness; decreased discomfort and pain, and fresh directives for managing symptoms, addressing their roots; and a reorientation of one’s creative energy back into life.


“This session was equal to a year of psychotherapy.”

- B.W., Artist

“A very beautiful integration of mind and body. The utilization of the meridians of the body as well as our capacity to imagine and observe ourselves is in my opinion a clear step towards unity and healing.`` - M. Alonso, M.D., Specialist in General Surgery
“Lark's work is 'holistic' in the finest sense of the word. She embodies her extensive psychospiritual training and works with her whole being. The therapeutic partnership she nourishes is artful and soulful. In our work together, conflicts and challenges took on a deep rich meaning… In this larger framework, insight and change became reality, and the journey there was fascinating and life-enriching.” -P.Gilbert, Mental Health Counselor, Massage Therapist
“Having to deal with reoccurring pain and exhausting traditional approaches left few options until I met Elise. Her therapeutic blend of techniques…achieved unusual results for me—quickly. I am indebted to her mindful and inspiring solutions as well as being given the tools to assist myself as part of the overall healing process.” - R.F.