Co-Active Life Coaching brings people deeper into the experience of who they are. Starting with a body centered awareness of how feelings, perspectives and beliefs live in the body, Co-Active coaching uses subtle movement, intuition, spontaneity and inquiry to call up the wisdom of each person’s Higher Self or Inner Leader. We ferret out that inner critic that causes limitation and blocks true transformation. We create space to address questions about what brings meaning and value to life, what does balance feel like, what is your life purpose? The “co” in co-active is all about ‘who am I being in all of my active doing’. From a place of alignment with your core values, and with the built in accountability and support of a coach, we will design an action plan to help you meet your goals. As a Co-Active coach, Melissa wants to know, “What is the need and how will you rise to meet it?” Together you will nourish that seed of unique potential that you posses.

Melissa Eppard at Woodstock Healing Arts


Co-Active Life Coach