Dawn Smith

Massage Therapist

Dawn Smith is a 2010 graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in Manhattan. She has since then been practicing full time. But that is not where her story begins. Dawns inspiration and desire to help others began while working as a research assistant with those suffering from multiple sclerosis. Seeing the effects of this disease daily, Dawn knew she had to help; but how?


Dawn understood the physical challenges of those affected was immense: yet she felt that something was missing. She firmly believed in ALSO trying to rejuvenate and heal the mind and soul.. Her love of massage was born!


Since then, Dawn has gone on to expand her knowledge to include certifications in deep tissue, sports massage, TMJ massage, and also prenatal/postpartum massage. She felt then as she does now, that all three phases of the body need help sometimes. While always striving to get her clients to a good place mentally, physically and emotionally; having them maintain that level in all aspects of life is something close to her heart…


Dawn always looks forward to meeting new clients and helping with their unique challenges; while also maintaining relationships with those needing longer term maintenance.

Wow! Dawn's style of massage is amazing. She gets all the knots out without any pain or even tickles. Dawn has a beautfiul way about her! - RR
Simply put - A perfect massage in every way - Suzanne

Massage Therapist