Dirk Trachy

Somatic Experiencing

Dirk Trachy is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist. He has also studied with bestselling author Kathy Kain, taking her year long Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists. Dirk began his career answering calls on crisis hotlines and has taught classes and led groups at cutting edge residential recovery centers. He has provided Somatic Experiencing sessions in residential recovery contexts, in private practice, and through a variety of community organizations.


A deep appreciation for clients’ resilience, creativity, and wholeness infuses Dirk’s approach. Client’s strengths, passions, and relationships help guide the process. He approaches healing work with an understanding that trauma and chronic stress occur within complex social systems. Dirk is rooted in his love of nature and commitment to social justice and is committed to an approach that honors this in his practice.


Dirk offers Somatic Experiencing (SE) and SE Touchwork to help clients mindfully connect with their bodies and recover resilience in the wake of trauma, anxiety, and chronic stress. Clients find themselves becoming more empowered in the face of distressing memories, uncomfortable physical sensations and hard to break patterns while also becoming more present, more resourceful, more assertive and better able to access the full range of their emotions.


Dirk is an avid hiker and enjoys playing music, gardening and being involved in his community.

Dirk Trachy
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner