Elise Lark, PhD, LCSW, OSW-C, LMT

Integrative Psychotherapist, Amma Therapist

Dr. Elise Lark is a versatile and seasoned practitioner of the healing arts, since 1988, and the originator of SYNtegration Therapy. She is licensed in both massage therapy and clinical social work and holds certificates in Amma Therapy, a form of Traditional Oriental Massage; Embodyment Therapy, a two-year training program consisting of body-centered counseling and body-oriented therapies; a three-year mentorship with Richard Moss, MD, involving depth psychology, “consciousness as the body,” energy awareness, and self-inquiry; and Oncology Social Work. Currently, she is a student/practitioner at the Zen Mountain Monastery. Elise is a social worker at the Oncology Support Program at HealthAllliance Hospital, member of Westchester Medical Center, since 2006. She was a practitioner at the Omega Institute Wellness Center for five seasons. Elise holds a doctoral degree in Leadership & Change, with a concentration in end-of- life care. She is the visionary founder of Circle of Friends for the Dying, a nonprofit dedicated to providing competent, compassionate care to the dying and their families by providing a home and a circle of support. Elise has a passion for nature and the arts; she finds renewal through hiking, kayaking, collage work, and writing poetry.


Elise views herself as a catalyst and a “spiritual friend” to the body and psyches’ natural healing capacity and quest for wholeness. Her goal is to meet each person’s need for attention to body, mind, and soul, and to assist in their spiritual maturation and healing process.

Elise Lark's work is ‘holistic' in the finest sense of the word. She embodies her extensive psychospiritual training and works with her whole being. The therapeutic partnership she nourishes is artful and soulful. In our work together, conflicts and challenges took on a deep, rich meaning. In this larger framework, insight and change became reality, and the journey there was fascinating and life-enriching. ~Paula Gilbert, MS, LMHC, LMT
Elise skillfully asked questions and guided me to explore my body symptoms and sensations in a very non-threatening way. To put it quite simply: I had forgotten how much emotion could be stored within my body; I had become deaf to the clues my body was giving me. Elise helped me to remember, to feel, and to listen. ~Janine Fallon Mower, BSN, CCM

Elise Lark at Woodstock Healing Arts

Integrative Psychotherapy