FIRE & ICE: Breathing through Change


June 30


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Woodstock Healing Arts


Woodstock Healing Arts

83 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock, NY 12498

Woodstock, NY, US, 12498

We have all been breathing our whole life. Learning to control breathing, understanding the nuances of breathing physiology and blood gases and how that can change our mind-state, are not common knowledge. How does stress impact breathing and how can breathing impact stress? We will utilize simple, potent, and relaxing breathing exercises to enjoy and understand our body and stress.

In this workshop we will learn about ‘High Quality Stress’ and the problems with low quality stress; its impact on the Autonomic nervous system and how to be skillful with our body-mind. We will begin to understand how breath practices can bring us into and out of internal, self-directed states of intensity; how we can up-regulate and down-regulate the sympathetic nervous system. Further, how we can use this to support our experience and sense of empowerment in the ice (should YOU choose).

We practice outside of the ice so that we have a sense of how we can regulate ourselves in the ice; exploring our nervous system and sensory processing in a simple and elegant empowerment practice; the culmination of a deep exploration of what it means to be human. You will have the opportunity to bring intense states of experience into the realm of calm and mindful attention. Alternating between a high heat sauna and cold ice baths with a coach to facilitate this experience, gives the participant an experience of their fullness, strengths, and abilities. This experience is a safe, controlled laboratory for you to expand and develop the spectrum of your Autonomic Nervous system and ability to move from discomfort to mastery. Be prepared to be enlivened, enlightened and deeply relaxed at the same time. You will enjoy bringing a friend or feeling community with the other participants.

Please be sure to bring a bathing suit, towel and a change of clothes. Each session should last 60-90min. 

Our last Fire and Ice event was a huge hit. Check out the following video from one of our attendees! 

Led by Fabian Kuttner

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