Joanne’s approach to financial counseling comes from a completely unique perspective different from any advisor you may have worked with in the past. For her, it’s about mentoring with compassion… taking a relaxed and gentle approach to understanding your financial picture.


You deserve a mentor to help you shift the paradigm around money in your life. You can start slowly with subtle changes in your thinking followed by time proven methods of saving and investing.


Joanne’s primary goal is to educate and empower clients. She genuinely believes anyone is capable of making intelligent financial choices when given proper tools and knowledge. Her ability to put clients at ease is in part a result of no longer selling financial products.  She works one on one and with couples endeavoring to remove shame, fear and feelings of ignorance about financial matters. Joanne refers to herself as the “Moolah Doula”, helping people “give birth” to a healthier relationship with money. In the past few years alone, her clients have saved and built substantial sums of money by learning how to invest and save wisely.

Joanne Leffeld at Woodstock Healing Arts


Moolah Doula