Jennifer Currie

Soul Clearing Sessions

Jennifer is an Intuitive Artist & Soul Purpose Coach. After completing an M.A. in Art History, and losing her husband to cancer when she was still in her 20’s, her spiritual journey began with a desire to heal grief and experience a beautiful life despite this tragedy.  She has spent almost two decades studying and practicing art, spirituality, coaching, tarot, yoga, Reiki, Akashic Record Readings, Theta Healing®, the IN-Vizion® process, and most recently adopting an incredible compassion-based modality that profoundly changes lives. She has studied with some amazing teachers including: Sonia Choquette, Andrrea Hess, Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Colette Baron-Reid, Carolyn Myss, Marianne Williamson, and Edward Mannix to name a few.



She’s a Tarot expert, Akashic Record Guide & Healer. She combines her intuitive gifts with practical coaching to help multi-passionate creatives align with their soul blueprint, clear blocks, and put their soul gifts into empowered and joyful action. She has a particular affinity and understanding for those who are pursuing the arts, but she believes creative energy is the root of all manifesting and her processes speak to anyone who is seeking a new and more expanded experience of life in any form.



“We need the kind, beauty-loving, sensitive souls of this world to have bigger voices and impact.  I want to help you experience the power you possess to truly experience the life and vision YOU want. I want to help you find clarity around your desires, dissolve the energetic and karmic obstacles that are keeping you from living them, and help you experience the love, abundance, and satisfaction of sharing your gifts with the world.” – Jennifer Currie



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Soul Clearing Sessions