Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese form of light touch energy therapy that helps the body to harmonize its own energetic flow. This gentle art is very often utilized in support of standard medical treatment, either in the home or in hospitals, hospices and other facilities.


In addition, Jin Shin Jyutsu self-treatment can be taught so that anyone can utilize its benefit for themselves at any time. This modality is safe for everyone – children, the elderly, even animals can benefit – and is practiced worldwide. Many people practice Jin Shin Jyutsu regularly and find that significant benefit is experienced by doing so.


Jin Shin Jyutsu is not intended as a substitute therapy for acute or major conditions being treated by a medical practitioner.


All things are made up of energy: trees, birds, houses, and humans. In much the same way that water flows in a river, energy flows through our bodies. When external forces interact with the river, the flow can be interrupted; and if stress, illness, injury or lifestyle disrupts the body’s energy flow, this can cause discomforts.
Energetic touch is simply an application of  the hands that helps the body’s energy to resume its natural path, thereby correcting imbalances. Recipients lie comfortably on their back; there is no pressure or manipulation involved, and the experience is often quite relaxing.
By balancing the body’s energetic pathways, one can experience improvements on any level – body, mind, and spirit.


Recipients of Jin Shin Jyutsu simply lie on a table, fully clothed, and relax while I apply my hands to a sequence of points (called safety energy locks, or SELs) on the body. There is no manipulation or forceful pressure involved. Each sequence is called a “flow”, and normally a session will consist of three or more flows.