Joanne Leffeld

Moola Doolah
Joanne began her career as a Certified Financial Planner working in the New York Metropolitan area. After several years, she moved to the Hudson Valley, joining her husband in building their lighting design company, LEDspin.


Now that her children are grown, Joanne has created a unique and holistic approach to money. Her primary goal is to educate and empower clients. Joanne genuinely believes everyone is capable of making intelligent financial choices when given proper tools and knowledge. Her ability to put clients at ease is in part a result of no longer selling financial products. She enjoys working one on one with clients endeavoring to remove shame, fear and feelings of ignorance about financial matters. Joanne refers to herself as the “Moolah Doula” helping people give birth to a healthier relationship with money. In the past few years alone, Joanne has helped clients save and build substantial sums of money by counseling them on investing and saving wisely.

Joanne Leffeld at Woodstock Healing Arts