Liz Welter

Massage Therapist

Liz has been a professional massage therapist since 2004 when she first graduated from the Cortiva Institute. She furthered her education upon moving to New York and attaining her New York State Massage License in 2011. She integrates many different techniques within a session to optimize the healing process and adapt the massage to the individual’s needs. Liz specializes in pain management and muscular rehabilitation through trigger point release, myofascial therapy, and deep tissue massage.  She strongly believes in the body’s ability to heal and strives to help facilitate that unique process in her clients.

Liz was attentive and responsive to my needs. -B.B.
Liz Welter is a healer! When I saw her for work on my neck and shoulders after a car accident, she was caring and reassuring. She balanced a gentle touch with deeper work and always took the time to check in and see how she could be most responsive to what was going on for me. I highly recommend Liz for anyone looking for relaxation or restoration from the impact of stress on their body. -Rachel B.
``I came needing a de-stressing/relaxing massage, which I got, but I left feeling surprisingly energized. Thank you, Liz!`` - SB

Massage Therapist