Lynne Dominick

Transformational Coach & Personal Solution Strategist

Lynne Dominick is a Transformational Coach, Personal Solution Strategist and Natural Beauty and Wellness Advocate.


Lynne spent two decades in the publishing industry as a management executive at some of the country’s leading magazines, including Vogue, Allure, ELLE, SELF and InStyle, before leaving the corporate world to embrace the life of an entrepreneur.


Lynne is the CEO and Founder of Kismet Alchemy, a coaching practice that incorporates Human Design, a system that offers the opportunity to discover oneself and begin to understand and accept one’s unique nature. This powerful insight is the platform for her Design Your Destiny Workshop which analyzes interests, skillset, goals and challenges in the development of an individualized life roadmap.


Lynne is also the founding partner of Body Soul Beauty, an ecommerce concierge for the best in botanical beauty and wellness.


Lynne Dominick is passionate about self-discovery.  That passion is expressed in her study and practice of Human Design – a new science about our inner mechanics and the unique energetic blueprint that was established at the moment of birth.

Transformational Coach

After 1 reading with Lynne, I was amazed at what she told me about my design. I have learned that I am to wait to respond not initiate like I have been doing most of my life as an alpha female. Now opportunities are flooding in abundance as I sit and wait to respond to my authoritative power. I enjoyed my reading to the fullest and have told 3 other people about her and her work! I can't wait to get another session with her! She is incredible with her explanation of her process. I am forever grateful to her work! -Amy Contreras
As the owner/founder of an entrepreneurial company I am always looking for insight that can help me move my business forward, whether it’s marketing, managing or designing. Having Lynne delve into my Human Design was not only fascinating, I feel that I am now better able to direct my multifaceted energies way more effectively. It also provided me with a fresh perspective on decision making and has also given me a path and on how I approach my daily life. I and my team, thank Lynne profusely! -Gabrielle Carlson, designer and owner of Gabrielle Carlson Studio