Nicole Bernhardt, LMT

Massage Therapy

Nicole’s first encounter with massage was through the act of receiving.  She was fortunate enough to grow up in Woodstock and under the hands of her mother, a local massage therapist and gifted healer.  After receiving her BFA in choreography and dance at Bard College, she realized her dream was to understand the body on a deeper and different level.  With her fascination for the anatomy and mechanics of the body, the next step was obvious.  Nicole attended and graduated from The Swedish Institute in NYC in  2005 and slowly began building a private practice on the Upper West Side, while also working at Great Jones Spa.  As her private practice flourished, she joined forces with The Grassroots Fitness Project, who integrated her into their community and family.  In recent years, Nicole has been blessed with twin daughters and a magical home in upstate NY, and continues to cherish the act of giving through the sacred touch of massage. Nicole enjoys incorporating reiki, deep tissue, and shiatsu meridian balancing into her sessions with a focus and fascination of the intricate rigging of the muscles and skeletal system.  Her method of work is always growing and changing and she is in a state of gratitude to all those who participate.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicole has a great touch and gave a wonderful massage. Most appreciate that I was able to get a last minute appointment. I woke feeling sick and was very grateful that I could find an appointment for a soothing massage. -Debi
I left feeling like I was on vacation I was so relaxed! -E.K.
Nicole was very gentle and calming, and very competent. As of this evening, I feel better. I much appreciated her work. -Eila Kokkinen
I went for a massage at your center and it was the most wonderful and dreamy experience! The place is so nicely and tastefully decorated and so clean and the therapist Nicole was amazing, it all felt so relaxing. Thank you! - N.C
It might have been the best massage I've ever had! Nicole is sweet, attentive and very talented. I felt comfortable and the massage was great.
Nicole is the best massuese I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot. - Wendy Sullivan