Venetia Boucher, CHHC

Co-Founder, Health Coach

Venetia is a certified feng shui practitioner, yoga teacher, energy healer, health coach and co-founder of integrative wellness center Woodstock Healing Arts.


Venetia began her career in the financial world of Wall Street where a health crisis pushed her explore the field of health and wellness. After completing numerous trainings in yoga, nutrition and healing, she has gravitated towards wellness in the home, which she believes to be the missing piece of wellness. 

As a feng shui expert, health coach, interior designer, and energy healer, Venetia combines traditional feng shui techniques, design aesthetics, and intuition to turn challenging spaces into supportive environments to help improve the lives of all those who live, work, and visit the space. 

Venetia works one-on-one with clients in their homes and businesses, using feng shui, space clearing, interior decorating, clutter clearing, five element analysis, and land healing. Her deep connection to nature and its tremendous power to heal inspires her design.

Venetia currently lives a full life in the Hudson Valley with her two young daughters.

Venetia Boucher at Woodstock Healing Arts

Co-Founder, Health Coach