Vesa Byrnes, LMT, CST

Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist

Vesa Byrnes has been a licensed massage therapist for over 12 years. She tailors her sessions to meet each client’s needs and utilizes multiple massage techniques such as: deep tissue massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, active & passive release techniques, sports massage and trigger point therapy in order to target and ease areas of pain and tension. Vesa has also received additional training in pregnancy massage as well as  CranioSacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute. She specializes in therapeutic work and helps clients with a multitude of physical issues such as: back or neck pain, sciatic pain, decreased range of motion,  and plantar fasciitis. In addition to the physical benefits of Vesa’s massage, clients leave feeling more emotionally balanced. She believes strongly in the mind-body connection and has witnessed and facilitated great emotional release through her sessions. She feels extremely fortunate to be practicing a profession which she loves, believes in and is passionate about. She believes that each massage session is an exchange between client and therapist, not just a session given. Vesa’s clients have said that  after regular massage with her, they enjoy a greater quality of life with decreased pain, improved sleep, better emotional health and an overall sense of well-being. Book a session today!

Having Vesa Byrnes as my massage therapist has changed my life! Her massage has eliminated my aches and pains. She has given me the confidence to live an active life without worry or fear; With her coaching, I've learned to be more aware of how I hold and move my body so that I can prevent injury and discomfort. It's like magic when, without me telling her, or me even being aware of it yet , she puts her finger or hand exactly on a spot that was causing stiffness or pain. But of course, it's not magic-it's Vesa's many years of training, knowledge and practice. With each session, she makes me feel centered, calmer and more energetic. She is very attentive to the body-mind connection. She is happy to answer any questions and explains things clearly,without judging or criticizing. She is a generous, serious and kind practitioner and I have recommended her to many friends and acquaintances. What could be better than knowing that you can depend on an expert like her! I am so thankful to have her in my life!!!
This morning I had an exceptional craniosacral treatment with Vesa Byrnes. She is a wildly skilled CST practitioner, with exactly the patience, precision, and sensitive touch to allow the deep tensions in the neck and shoulders to unwind and release. I highly, highly recommend her, and also enjoyed the beautiful space at Woodstock Healing Arts. -Jynne Dilling
Vera was attentive, thorough, knowledgeable...amazing! It was probably one of the best and most therapeutic massages I've ever had. - Debbie

Vesa Byrnes at Woodstock Healing Arts

Massage Therapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist