Victor McWind


Victor McWind is a truly gifted, intuitive healer/bodyworker inspired by the power of healing touch. He discovered his calling over 25 years ago and has garnered extensive experience in the field, exploring a wide range of modalities and techniques which has led him to practice his craft at wellness centers all over the world.

Increasingly, he has sought out to make a more significant and deeper impact on long term health for his patients and in turn, created a multi faceted, mixed modality method, “McWind Bodywork” that treats the patient as a whole.

Victor has helped ease and even reverse many clients’ chronic pain from minor to more serious accidents and injuries, to emotional traumas and PTSD events. He has most recently developed “McWind Transformation”, a 90 minute session that has been described by one patient as, “…getting in your muscles, bones, head, heart, and soul!”

Victor has completed the course of study with Dr. John Ray in Body Electronics, Cranial Electronics, and Visualization and Consciousness. He studied deep tissue/fascial release at the Lung Ta Institute with Marcus Daniels. Victor completed the 3 year course of study with Dr. John Beaulieu at the BioSonic Institute and was awarded the title of Registered Polarity Practitioner, with certification in CranioSacral therapy and advanced cranial studies. In 2012 Victor was awarded the status of “Board Certified Polarity Practitioner” by the American Polarity Association. He has a Bachelors Degree in Experimental Psychology, and returned to The State University of New York to study Fine Art/Precious Metal from 1980-1983.

Victor McWind is a practitioner of great skill who has the learned gift of listening & communicating through the language of touch” – Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.
Victor was terrific. I feel lucky to have received a massage by him. He's top notch.-J.R.
“…shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer, I began a regimen of weekly appointments with Victor which lasted over a six month period. My full recovery was, in great part, due to Victor’s care for me – physically, emotionally and spiritually.”
– Michael Milton, Producer, Producers Circle
“Your work gave me tremendous confidence going into the trails…. Setting 2 new PR’s was a great result of your work.”
– Mike Cline, Gold, America’s Cup
Victor personalized the experience to me and brought lots of expertise and care to the appointment! He’s extremely nice too!! -A.S.
It's as if I've been walking around in a fog and Victor lifted it, clearing it all away! I left feeling lighter, brighter...even my vision seemed crisper; more focused. I've never experienced bodywork such as this... Truly transformational! -Heather N.
Victor brings a great deal of intuition to his sessions that will leave you feeling more integrated, relaxed, and connected. - Rick Snyder
Victor promised that I would feel great at the end of my treatment and I’m delighted to say that he was correct. - DB