Camellia Lee, LMT

Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist

Camellia Lee, NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, BCST (Biodynamic Cranosacral Therapist), Certified Aromatherapist.


The notion of therapeutic touch began at an early age under the influence of Camellia’s maternal grandmother teaching her hands-on techniques that would later inform her professional schooling. In 2004, Camellia completed her training from the esteemed Swedish Institute, College of Massage Therapy in NYC. For more than fifteen years, she has had the privilege to bring her intuitive skill set and deep presence to a variety of holistic integrative medical establishments and reputable spas, as well as a successful private practice.


Camellia creates a container of intuitive awareness, safety and deep presence to what arises during a session. Her hands on approach to the body includes an intelligent manipulation to the deeper layers of muscle and fascia to encourage alignment, space and freedom to areas that may be triggering pain and discomfort. The nervous system is balanced by the support of craniosacral therapy and aromatherapy, to integrate the balance of the mind, body, and the spirit.


Camellia is the founder of her handcrafted botanical blends, Root and Resin produced locally in Woodstock, New York and currently sold at Woodstock Healing Arts Apothecary.

Camellia Lee, LMT at Woodstock Healing Arts


Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, Aromatherapist

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I've been visiting Camellia for massage therapy for a number of years now and can say honestly that I think she's more in tune with my body than I am. I always look forward to seeing her, and she holds such a presence for my health, comfort and well-being. She has incredible skill and deep understanding of the body combined with the most caring and compassionate demeanor. I've relied on her to help through particularly stressful times, when facing nagging aches/injuries and as proactive upkeep during marathon training. She is incredibly consistent yet at the same time, each session is customized to address what's happening with my body on that particular day. She uses the most amazing essential oils and everything is of the highest quality. In addition to her services, Camellia has referred me to many colleagues in the health and wellness field, she's truly a wonderful resource and an all around lovely person. Go to her! -- Vanessa S.
I am so lucky to have found Camellia! Her hands are magic and I have the best sleep of my life right after I see her. I have recommended her to everyone - family members, co workers, my acupuncturist, I cannot recommend her enough. Aove all she has the best energy and cheerfulness and I look forward to her sessions. Seriously! Book with her now. -- Reina N.
Truly the best massage work I've ever received. It's truly medicinal. I leave each session feeling like a new woman. Cannot recommend her enough. Your body will thank you! -- Jemma C.
I love Cam's massages so much! She is by far among the best in the country! I really appreciate the thorough, detailed, transcendent experience of Camellia's bodywork. I usually book 90 minutes and walk out of there so full of nurturance and energy that I am literally buzzing (in a good way). Also if you love a good scalp massage seek no further. She spends time working out every ounce of tension from those taut head muscles and neck attachments at the base of the skull. It feels amazing! Her head massages plus the aromatherapy is what hooked me in. She also plays really great music; not that cheesy spa stuff. I'm also a massage therapist and I have the highest of standards when it comes to bodywork. I can say with authority that she really knows her stuff. She is a compassionate listener and really adapts her touch to your needs. She has keen intuition and really can sense the different levels of release happening, whether it is on the physical or emotional realm. She's truly gifted. -- Shannon A
Camellia is an amazing massage therapist. She helped me overcome major health issues and my physical symptoms. She has created a comfortable environment for sessions. In addition to being a master massage therapist, she is an attentive listener. Her massages have changed my life - she is a healer. I highly recommend Camellia. -- Marla G.
When I first moved to New York, I was really sad to be leaving my long time massage therapist. However I was delighted to find Camellia! She is very warm, welcoming and caters to her clients very well. Not only is she great with her hands, but also offers suggestions on how to help make your body improve through various activities or things to avoid. You will feel like a new person when she is done with you! I have been 110% pleased each and every time I have met with her, she is amazing! --Tina O.
I am also a massage therapist and love/need to get worked on. I have scoured NYC for the best, and believe me, Camellia is THE BEST! Ok, so now you know. You're welcome! -- Emma MM
I'm a visitor to New York once or twice a year and always book in with Camellia upon arrival and before I leave for the 20 hour journey back home. Camellia knows intuitively where to focus her massage and in an hour has unlocked the tension and released all muscle tightness. I leave feeling lighter, both mentally and physically. A complete professional, I highly recommend Camellia. -- Joanne G.
I get a monthly massage from Camellia without fail. Camellia creates a beautiful space that immediately puts you right where you want to be to get the most out of your experience. Her work is deeply intuitive and healing and the added bonus of essential oil aromatherapy is amazing. I feel like Camellia is a part of my health ``team`` - I trust her to work on any injuries or ailments I may have knowing that she is extremely knowledgeable and an expert therapist. -- Stacey B.
My partner gave me a present of five massage sessions from Camellia Lee and it was one of the best presents! My shoulders, back, and legs were holding an incredible amount of stress and tension and Camellia worked on them hard--she's very strong--with great results. Over the course of five weeks my muscles relaxed, my bones shifted back into place, and I felt relieved of much that was ailing me. She has a kind, caring presence and checks in regularly on the depth of the pressure she applies. The aromatherapy oils that she uses are wonderful, spirit-lifting and muscle-soothing. I would heartily recommend Camellia. -- Anne M.
Camellia is a very talented and unique professional. She is intuitive, a great listener, flexible, and an expert at her craft. She has a very calming presence. I always feel safe with her as she keeps her ego in check and admits when she does not know certain things about the body. She encourages feedback, which makes me feel re-assured that I will get the type of massage that my body needs that particular day. She also provides very good referrals to other people in her network. Overall, a humble person who is a pleasure to work with. I trust her. I always leave her studio completely de-stressed and on Cloud 9. -- Scott B.
Camellia has been my massage therapist for over five years, and I feel extremely lucky to have found her. If you've had a few massages in your day, you can probably tell that some people just have a gift for bodywork. Camellia is one of those people. When people ask me what style of massage I like, I have a hard time explaining it other than Camellia's style. She tailors the massages to my specific needs and preferences, and she always seems to know exactly what my body needs. Additionally, Camellia is kind, welcoming, and puts you at ease as soon as you arrive. She'll ask you what type of music you're in the mood for, and she doesn't play that new-agey ``massage`` music--unless that's what you're into of course. It's always mellow and non-distracting, and I've even found some new favorite artists during my massages. Camellia isn't overly chatty during massages, but always asks if the pressure is right, if there are any areas that need extra attention, and if I'm warm or cool enough. She is also a great listener, as I can be rather chatty during massages, and perhaps take the ``therapy`` part of the massage therapy a bit too literally. She fixes things I didn't even know were wrong, and I always leave her studio feeling like a whole new person. -- Monika C.
I have literally had massages all over the world and each time I do I walk away thinking - Camellia is better! I've seen her off and on over the last couple years for general health, to work on trouble spots and for sports related massages. Camellia is not just a great massage therapist, but also a really caring person. She takes her practice seriously and wants to help you feel your best. She also seems to really know anatomy and I find her massages to be very worthwhile and effective. I can't recommend her highly enough! -- Rachel K.
She was incredible. Best body work I have experienced in NYC. Way more than just a massage. It was healing and therapeutic and relaxing. Highly recommend her. I'll be going back soon. -- Kerry F.
I have been seeing Camellia for years and still to this day, she blows me away with her knowledge and expertise on the body. I'm a fitness trainer and so super active so her massages are not only necessary but they are incredibly healing. She never fails to ``fix`` me and help me with my injuries. One of her best qualities is that she actually listens to you and your needs. Did I mention that she has the strongest hands ever? She is no joke and can reverse any tightness or pain. A true healer is what Camellia is. Love her! -- Julia C.
I have yet to experience a massage as fantastic as the one Camellia gives. She's got a few tricks up her sleeve that I think are completely unique to her technique, and which make for the best massage I've yet to have. How can I go back to mere average after being in her care? I recommend her without hesitation. -- Sarah L
I have received therapeutic massage from Camellia for years. I see her for sessions when I'm in town. It had been over a year since I'd experienced her work and WOW! She's still amazing and I felt and looked amazing afterwards. She did something new this time by adding in CranioSacral therapy which blew me away, days later I am still in awe of the experience and how it has resonated in my body. -- Lizzie G.