Kir Noel

Medical Intuitive

Kir Noel is a Medical Intuitive since 1993. Trained in a group medical practice in New York City for five years, she has worked in conjunction with medical care for thirty years to bring a detailed and insightful view of the body and its biology which can enhance health outcomes. She has a worldwide reputation and following.


You can book an appointment with her at KIR NOEL MEDICAL INTUITIVE.


She has also been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for over thirty-five years. She was trained by Rev. Ellen Resch for five years in her school, Tibetan Buddhist Research and Learning (T.B.R.L.); she has a laser focused approach to accessing oneself.


I’m newly offering my one-on-one intuitive training sessions. These do not require any prior training. This an individual process planned to accelerate and advance you to your intuitive connection.

Prior trainings programs with Kir Noel:


  • 2017- Accessing The Intuitive Self- Spring, Woodstock NY
  • 2018- Accessing Your Intuition – Spring, NYC Weekend
  • 2018- Accessing Your Intuition- Fall, THE OPEN CENTER, NY
  • 2019- Accessing The Intuitive Self- Spring, Woodstock NY
  • 2020- Advanced Intuitive Training launched, first year students.
  • 2021- Advanced Intuitive Trainings 2nd first year class begins / second 1st year students start.
  • 2022- Workbook published – Accessing Your Intuition

Kir Noel at Woodstock Healing Arts

Medical Intuitive

(845) 249-8417

Kir diagnosed what was wrong with me word for word. I received testing that verified it. Thank you, Kir! - Leni Onkka
She was right on for my daughter's diagnosis. - Brett Lodge
My studies with Kir Noel’s program have transformed my life. I have never felt so clear and centered. - Samantha
Kir worked on my daughter during a difficult pregnancy...I do believe she wouldn’t be here if it were not for Kir. Despite a C section and the baby being placed in NICU, both mama and baby’s recovery was quick. We were told the baby would be in NICU for a minimum of several weeks. She was out in nine days. Kir was an incredible asset to their recovery. I believe our story would not have had the happy outcome we’ve had without her-I am eternally grateful! - V.F.
Kir Noel is an amazing medical intuitive! She worked on my daughter’s hearing disorder which brought her hearing from 40% to 100%. Her medical intuitive insight and ability to heal is a phenomenon and her generosity abounds. - B.A.
I had the great privilege of working with Kir for a period of many months at a time when my health was challenged. Kir is a person of great love and compassion, and I have to say she is helping people to heal from the inside out. She was laser-like in her diagnosis. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Every time I think of her a surge of tremendous gratitude wells up i my heart. - H.T.
Kir has been treating me from my home in Thailand remotely. I now have the definitions of my underlying issues and can discuss my health with my doctor. She is truly a gift in my life. -S.E.
My wife suggested I see Kir when our medical doctor wanted me to have a series of Parkinson’s tests. Kir identified the underlying condition and worked with me weekly. I can report that I as of today I am in the best health of my adult life. - M.S.