Renee Rotkopf

Transformative Coach and Astrologer

As a former creative director, Renee is an agent of creative change. A skilled Transformative Coach and Astrologer, she is passionate about helping individuals and couples unlock their unique gifts and soul potential. Combining her expertise in NLP, Hypnosis, Havening, Breathwork, and Astrology, she provides a deeper understanding of self and appreciation of their true potential.

Renee’s integrative approach enables clients to create lasting shifts in their lives through planetary integration, emotional awareness, and subconscious healing. Renee guides clients to shift lifelong patterns and limiting beliefs, providing practical tools that transform vulnerabilities into strengths and foster resilience during challenging times.

Her work with couples fosters greater understanding between partners and encourages compassion and acceptance through guided experiences.

She offers customized single sessions, packages, guiding clients to achieving their personal and business goals.

“I loved my profoundly enlightening session with Renee! She is so insightful, thoughtful and wise. Much of what we discussed deeply resonated with me…rang true, helped explain and brought heightened meaning to various aspects of my life, and will now help guide me through life. Our time together awakened a genuine desire to learn more about astrology!”
“Renee is someone I have reached out to when I face some really deep and painful aspects in my life. She takes me on a deep dive, holds me safe, and unwinds some really old and vulnerable areas of distress. I feel incredibly lucky to have someone with her skills and integrity to lean on when the going gets tough.``
``Renee isn’t just an astrologer; she’s a guiding force, a beacon of light in the complexities of life. With her insights, I’ve navigated personal and professional challenges with a clarity I never thought possible. Her guidance is not just about the stars; it’s about unlocking potential, understanding paths, and making informed choices with a deeper understanding of oneself. She has become the compass I didn’t know I needed. Here’s to more enlightenment, growth, and cosmic guidance!``
“I recently experienced the transformative power of Havening. Renee’s approach was a balance of gentleness and intuition. She created a space, allowing me to explore and address traumatic responses. Throughout the session, I felt supported and guided, it was as though she was not just performing a method but engaging in a truly empathetic and personalized process. I wholeheartedly recommend her work for anyone seeking a healing journey marked by compassion and insight.”

Renee Rotkopf at Woodstock Healing Arts

Transformative Coach and Astrologer

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