woodstock healing arts


Healing is a collaborative effort.


Woodstock Healing Arts is a collective of healers in and around Woodstock, NY. Some practice at our physical location at 83 Mill Hill Road, some are remote, and some have private offices.


We are each aiming to enhance your overall wellbeing and we understand that:

  • healing is not necessarily a straight line
  • healing is ongoing and part of how we cultivate the lives that we want to lead
  • over time, it’s quite rare to have one ‘healer’ who can meet all of your body, mind and spirit’s needs
  • the real healer is you
  • by collaborating on your health, everybody wins

Founded by Acupuncturist and Zero Balancer, Ben Fleisher, Woodstock Healing Arts is committed to traversing east and west, old and new, balance and disorder, structure and energy, yin and yang, conservation and change. We look forward to meeting you.


Please contact the practitioner that you wish to see directly. Each of us is their own business, we are each responsible for our own bookings and scheduling.


If you contact the general contact for Woodstock Healing Arts, there may be a delay in your response. If you are looking for a quicker response, please contact the practitioner that you wish to reach directly.


Because we each operate independently, couples and group requests are not always possible, though we each will do our best to accommodate your requests.