Woodstock Healing Arts is a multidisciplinary, team-based health and wellness center in Woodstock, NY. We treat you—body, mind and spirit. Our approach is safe, evidenced-based, and geared toward your unique situation.


At our central location in the heart of Woodstock we have a carefully curated team of health providers from a variety of traditions, all under one roof. We also have created a wonderful, light-filled event space for community educational gatherings, film screenings, lectures from our practitioners, Community Acupuncture, and more.


The goal of WHA is to help you achieve optimal wellness. Services are offered to promote stress reduction and optimize health, as well as to treat and cure medical issues. With our integrative medicine physicians and wellness providers, patients develop personalized plans for self-care and wellness.


Here’s what you can expect from our integrated approach:

  • An initial consultation where we’ll get to know you, your lifestyle, and your goals.
  • A beautiful, relaxing space where you can sip herbal teas and browse our selection of carefully curated products.
  • Our practitioners working together to handle your diverse needs.
  • Very little waiting time


The vision of WHA is to support the greater Woodstock community with an integrative medical and wellness center, blending a modern western medical practice with traditional healing methods.