When the skin is cared for and healthy, the light from within radiates out inner beauty and brightness. Naomi McCann is a licensed Aesthetician with a passion for supporting her clients to achieve optimal health in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Her treatments always include a unique blend of positive vibrations, loving touch, and attention to detail. She customizes her approach by incorporating Reiki and energy healing.

Naomi’s passion is in cultivating health and beauty inside, as well as outside. Since our skin is our largest organ, it requires care and nourishing just as our inner body does. Naomi’s holistic approach to skincare utilizes organic skincare products, energy balancing, eastern techniques, and wellness tips to empower her clients to embody their unique spectacular beauty.

Naomi feels honored for the opportunity to share her gifts to contribute to the health and healing of her clients, and of the planet as a whole. Expect to emerge from a session with Naomi with a sense of deep relaxation and healing, with radiant, glowing skin, and an overwhelming sense of well-being.



A luxury, holistic treatment that will have you looking and feeling your best! Ancient Eastern techniques, combined with contemporary modalities and Organic Whole Plant medicine, create beautiful, sculpted, clear skin and allow clients to restore on all levels.


This customized facial, likened to a “natural face-lift,” incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Gua Sha, Ayurvedic, and Thai modalities. Organic and Bio-dynamic products utilized include a Honey Berry Mask, Oxygenating Serums, and Nutritive Facial Balms.


Tailored for each client, this holistic treatment stimulates lymphatic drainage, creating smooth, purified and lifted skin. Puffiness and dark under-eye circles are reduced, and skin is brightened and hydrated.


Reiki and Chakra Balancing are integrated to nourish and harmonize, creating illuminated skin, an uplifting vibration, and a peaceful and relaxed countenance.


1 hr $185
1 hr 15 min $230
1 hr 30 min $275
1 hr 45 min $320
2 hrs $365

That my 64-year old skin looks youthful after a facial by Naomi is the least of it! She is quite simply a healer and her canvas is my face. Her techniques and products are enlivening and allow me to present to the world a bright, shiny and positive appearance. ~C.C.

Holistic Skincare