Naomi McCann, LE

Holistic Coaching, Licensed Holistic SkinCare

Naomi McCann is a NYS licensed aesthetician with a passion for supporting her clients to achieve optimal health in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Her treatments always include a unique blend of positive vibrations, loving touch, and attention to detail. She customizes her approach by incorporating Reiki and energy healing.

Naomi’s passion is in cultivating health and beauty inside, as well as outside. Since our skin is our largest organ, it requires care and nourishing just as our inner body does. Naomi’s holistic approach to skincare utilizes organic skincare products, energy balancing, eastern techniques, and wellness tips to empower her clients to embody their unique spectacular beauty.

Additionally, Naomi has extensive experience facilitating fashion shows for top runway designers, and is also a makeup artist. She is a devoted yoga practitioner, certified Life Coach, long time Transcendental Meditator, Home Educator, and mother to her three amazing children. In addition to her private practice in NYC and the Hudson Valley, she currently treats clients at Woodstock Healing Arts in Woodstock, NY,  Menla Mountain Retreat, and the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. 

Naomi feels honored for the opportunity to share her gifts to contribute to the health and healing of her clients, and of the planet as a whole. Expect to emerge from a session with Naomi with a sense of deep relaxation and healing, with radiant, glowing skin, and an overwhelming sense of well-being.

Naomi's work immediately strengthens the body, heart, and mind connection, making it distinguished from all other facials I've had.
``Naomi's beauty expertise and artistic eye has made a world of difference in how I feel about myself when I look in the mirror. As I hit my mid- 40s, it seemed like my face was aging faster than my spirit. Naomi encouraged me to let my brows grow in and expertly reshaped them for a more youthful appearance. She advised me on skin care products, regimen and even healthful changes to my diet. Every appointment with Naomi is filled with nuggets of health, beauty and spiritual wisdom. In my pursuit of aging beautifully and gracefully, it's Naomi's advice I seek and trust.`` -MH
Naomi is not only a knowledgeable aesthetician; she is a warm, wise, and beautiful person. I feel completely at ease in her care and appreciate what she shares with regard to her own development professionally, as well as her personal self-care routines. She addresses my skin gently with skill and options for how to bring it to its best. Naomi exudes the benefits of self care and approaches her work with an authentic and genuine point of view; she practices what she shares. -TD
``My skin has never been more luminous or healthy now that I have been receiving regular treatments from Naomi. Even after the very first facial, I saw a change. She has significantly enhanced what has always been good, healthy skin, and I can only imagine what she can do for others not as fortunate. The care and skill with which she approaches each one of our sessions is present throughout. There is a healing element and a feeling of her deep connection to wellness that is present in each process. Most importantly, she would never put anything on my face or body that she wouldn’t use on herself! I am thankful to be able to put myself in her capable hands. When I leave Naomi’s treatments I feel refreshed, energized and beautiful.``-JM
That my 64-year old skin looks youthful after a facial by Naomi is the least of it! She is quite simply a healer and her canvas is my face. Her techniques and products are enlivening and allow me to present to the world a bright, shiny and positive appearance. ~C.C.


Licensed Holistic Aesthetician