Terianne Neden

Pilates Instructor

Terianne is a fully certified Pilates teacher who has been teaching private sessions and group classes in the Hudson Valley since 2009. Trained in classical pilates, Terianne has studied with Juliet Harvey, Susan Moran-Perich, Elaine Ewing, Sean Gallagher and other experts in her field.


Throughout her college career and for many years prior, Terianne’s exposure to pilates began as a dance conditioning technique. After graduation, Terianne began her personal study into the pilates method. Always a diligent learner, Terianne rarely misses an opportunity to gain new insights into classical pilates. By attending several Pilates at The Pillow® retreats at Jacob’s Pillow, she gained insight into the original exercises and teachings of Joseph Pilates.


Originally from Stone Ridge, NY, Terianne moved back to the Hudson Valley permanently with her husband in 2007. They live locally with their three young children, who attend Onteora public schools. Terianne is excited to be teaching in the Woodstock area as this is the beautiful community she calls home.


Joseph Pilates, the creator of the pilates method, equated his mat work to the glass of water with which one begins their morning. Pilates can be the nectar of a healthy lifestyle; by committing oneself to a pilates routine will help anyone lead a healthier, happier life. Imagine a life with less pain and more strength and stamina to continue to do the activities you love.



Terianne’s Woodstock studio is equipped with a reformer, mat and traditional small pilates props. Pilates workouts on the reformer are both supportive and challenging, as the spring resistance challenges the body’s control over each movement. The mat work provides strength and flexibility, while traditional pilates props support clients’ individual needs within their workout. Terianne honors each of her clients needs, injuries and abilities, using the pilates method to strengthen and lengthen their body.

Terianne Neden at Woodstock Healing Arts

Pilates Instructor

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I began working with Terianne in weekly private sessions over 2 years ago as a 40th birthday present to myself and continue to do so today. She has completely shifted my attitude and capability towards my bodies strength and alignment. As I was a novice, Terianne was excellent in explaining each move to me so that nothing felt intimidating, and she is wonderful at customizing our sessions to best suit my needs or abilities that week. It has been an incredible journey in learning pilates so that I both am familiar in the basics, all while she regularly incorporates new movements, keeping each session interesting. Terianne’s knowledge and belief in focusing on the fundamentals in order to work up to more advanced movements has been key to our success together. She has forever improved my core, hips and feet alignment. I stand taller, with more flexibility and strength since working with Terianne. I recommend Terianne to anyone I know looking to begin Pilates. -Emma Lewison, Red Hook
Terianne is a top notch pilates instructor! My husband & I trained with her for 6 months before our wedding & saw amazing results with just 2 days a week. She will create an overall workout that is tailored to your needs & goals. Terianne is always professional, on time & enthusiastic. I would recommend her to potential clients at any fitness level! - Emily, West Hurley, NY
I saw great results while training with Terianne! My wife & I worked with her before our wedding & had a wonderful experience. It helped us get into shape, while keeping it fun. Her knowledge is extensive & she knows how to use variety to help you reach your fitness goals. Can’t recommend her enough! - Neil, West Hurley
Terianne Neden has been my Pilates instructor for the past 10 years and working with her has changed my life. I had bilateral shoulder problems and a serious foot injury that were both causing chronic pain. All my
symptoms have totally disappeared, and I feel stronger than ever, which is an amazing thing at age 65.

I recommended Pilates to many of my patients after experiencing it myself. Many came back after only a few months of practice with stories of how much it helped them. I will continue to spread the word! With much thanks to Terianne for all her help! - Emily Hartzog MD

My wife and I have been learning Pilates from Terianne Gogg for quite a few years now--before, during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic. We are active seniors in our mid-to-late 60s and have benefited immensely from Terianne's wonderful instruction. She has helped us stay fit and strong and has helped us get through various physical issues (back pain, sciatica, etc.) over the years. During the pandemic, we worked with her remotely on Zoom, doing mat exercises at home, which was extremely helpful in helping us get through a time that was challenging for everyone. She is always sensitive to our needs and pushes us a little further each time, but not too much. It is a testament to her excellent instruction that we have kept coming back week after week all these years. Her workouts are rigorous but they are also fun, and aimed at just the right level. Terianne is the best! - Jack Homer