Poca Poca – Whole-body Herbal Steam- is a type of vaginal steaming that is meant for your whole body. It provides profoundly relaxing heat therapy and at the same time delivers the benefits of medicinal plants in the most efficient way possible. Poca Poca combines the traditional healing method from Japan with the local medicinal herbs of the Hudson Valley, NY to maximize the effectiveness of the herbal steaming. This meditative practice offers an array of health benefits for women at all stages of their lives.


Fukiko is an herbalist born and raised in the Japanese countryside, now based in the Catskill region nestled within pristine nature. Ever since she arrived in this region in 2018, she has been learning about medicinal properties of various plants through the Hudson Valley herbal community and earning her herbalist certification from Ecoversity.

After studying and earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Environmental Science in the United States and living abroad in Nepal for 4 years, Fukiko discovered her true passion in educating and working with other women to help heal from women’s physical and emotional issues that are often ignored, and preventing them from being the best and healthiest versions of themselves.

Utilizing wildcrafted and organically grown medicinal herbs combined with ancestral Japanese herbal steam practice, she supports women’s health and spiritual nourishment that can be accessible to all women as part of their self-care routine.

When she is not offering herbal steam service to clients, you can find her harvesting in nature, spending quality time with her family and friends, and being engaged in community activities.

Fukiko Ostensen at Woodstock Healing Arts

Poca Poca Herbal Steams

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1. For Fertility: If you are actively trying to conceive, you can get steam treatments before your ovulation in order to warm the uterus and balance the flow of progesterone. The aroma of the herbal mist can decompress the accumulated stress and tension creating a better mental state for conception as well as  balancing your endocrine system. Please do not steam after possible conception.

2. Hormonal Balance: Whether it is a bad cramp, unpleasant PMS symptoms or menopausal/peri menopausal changes, heat therapy can help to balance the secretion of the female sex hormones and lessens all these symptoms. We select the herbs depending on the complaint and gently treat the body for a long term improvement.

3. Self-nourishment: Our hard working body deserves deep care and nourishment regularly and so does our inner selves. Poca Poca whole body herbal steam is a perfect “me time” providing the nourishment, deep relaxation, and the introspective time to help us feel recentered.


I was surprised at how relaxing and rejuvenating it felt! I tried it out mostly out of curiosity, I’d also heard good things so wanted to try it myself. It was honestly wonderful and I plan to add it to my self care regimen! -Karen Nelson
Overall, the experience was beautiful. From the delicious tea served, to the consult with specific herbs that were tailored to my specific needs and the steaming process itself, I left feeling radiant and lighter. It was like doing a sauna but SO much better because of the herbs that were involved and the care given by all of those involved. I would love to make this part of my monthly self care regimen! -Ashley Jensen
The poca-poca treatment with Fukiko was beyond my expectations. The full-body steam nourished my skin, external and internal, and respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as my emotional landscape. I was surprised by how holistic it felt, like a personal steam sauna, and a ceremony too. The herbs were customized for my current physical needs and were very potent and nourishing. Fukiko is very attentive and responsive to a client’s needs and wishes. I would do this treatment again, especially in the winter months when the body and spirit need replenishing! -S.B.
I loved fully immersing into the steam and almost disappearing into a meditative state throughout the treatment. It felt so special and pertinent to take that moment truly for myself and the special blend of herbs Fukiko mixed for me was the perfect blend of therapeutic and relaxing. It was the warmth I felt afterwards, inside and out, for hours after the treatment that was most special. It felt like I was hugging myself from the inside! -Karen Feldstein
I particularly loved creating the herb blend eith Fukiko and paying deep attention to all of the many ways the steam brought nourishment to my bones and organs. It was deeply opening, clearing, relaxing and healing on so many levels. -K.F.B.
I so appreciate that Fukiko has hand-foraged so many of these herbs from our region, and put so much care into their preparation and drying. She has incredible wisdom to share about their healing properties and benefits. -J.D.
I love it! It has become a part of my monthly self-care routine. - Alexandria Gianakos
Completely wonderful and unique. - Tara Foley
It was truly one of the most (if not THE most) nourishing experiences I’ve ever had. - Maya van der Meer
So incredible. Beyond words. I felt so taken care of. You women built the container with so much love. This was beyond a dream, it was a sacred holding of me - body and soul. - Laura Paskell-Brown
It was my very first experience to get a Japanese herbal steam done. As an acupuncturist I enjoyed the detailed explanation of each herbal powder that went into my unique blend that Fukiko made for me. She explained each step very well and gave me many options of how to engage in it. Once she stepped out of the room I felt as if I went into a sacred time of selfcare with the fragrance of mugwort in the air. She served me a delicious probiotic drink after. I am looking forward to many more steams in the future. - M. L.
I am deeply grateful that I have had several opportunities to participate in nurturing whole-body steams (plus massage) with Poca Poca! In addition to the physical benefits, each experience was also spiritually and emotionally healing. The warmth, compassion, wisdom, and connection that these three powerful female healers offer is like nothing else I have experienced! The massage with Nao was amazing, and Mami and Fukiko listened deeply to my story and prepared an herbal combination that was exactly what I needed. And the probiotic drink at the end completed the experience beautifully! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Jennifer Triplett