Integrative medicine uses an evidence-based approach to treat the whole person — your mind, body and soul. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are all involved, so integrative medicine uses a combination of therapies. It “integrates” conventional approaches and complementary therapies to achieve optimal health and healing.


Catherine Uram MD provides highly personalized care specific to your needs. Her treatments draw from the best of conventional and alternative medicine. The most effective, natural treatments are used first to facilitate deep healing.
Areas of expertise include personal development and treating a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, gut conditions, fertility issues, and assistance safely and comfortably getting off of habit-forming pharmaceuticals.
The first appointment is a comprehensive evaluation and highly personalized treatment plan specific to you (no one-size-fits-all protocols) that may include herbs, supplements, nutrition, sleep and dream analysis, energy healing, in-depth astrological chart analysis, as well as lab tests and medications when necessary.  Appointments generally occur at weekly intervals until goals are met.
If you’re  interested in a life of health, peace and fulfillment, this is one stop on your healing journey that you do not want to miss.
Catherine Uram, MD specializes in integrative medicine. She received her MD and attended medical residency at Drexel University, completed fellowship training at the Dr. Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, and was then an instructor there. Dr. Uram has utilized her expertise as a Reiki Master Teacher through the International Center for Reiki Training, consultant to Veterans Affairs, advisor to Dr. Axe/Ancient Nutrition,  and medical editor for the Reader’s Digest digital health publication. Her work is featured in publications such as The Journal for Spiritual Awakening, Nurse Journal, Well + Good, and she is regularly invited to speak at conferences internationally.


I am a board-certified physician with over a decade of experience integrating conventional Internal Medicine with Functional, Integrative, and Trauma-Informed approaches. I appreciate the interdependent nature of wellbeing and consider the whole you, in the unique context of your life, to provide in-depth and individualized care.

To be human is to know vulnerability. Illness and injury are not failures, but inevitable aspects of being human. I strive to maintain a shame-free environment that welcomes authentic connection. I affirm the significance of your experiences and resilience.

While we explore how life’s experiences shape biology, I help you to develop greater agency in your own health. We’ll have nuanced discussions of symptoms, results, and therapeutic strategies, empowering you to make informed decisions. Thoughtfully, I may order laboratory tests and explain results in detail. I intend to facilitate a deeper understanding of conventional medicine and illuminate the common thread among diverse medical disciplines. I help to reconcile conventional medicine, newer technologies, ancient healing traditions, and your personal value system and intuition. While my aim is to awaken insight and self-determination, I may prescribe medications, supplements, and lifestyle modifications as is appropriate.

Honing my unique interdisciplinary approach has meant a commitment to both continued medical education and personal growth. My practice is an expression of curiosity and compassion for the human experience. I work in partnership with patients, and often in collaboration with other medical providers and healing practitioners. Most recently, I enjoyed working at the Raby Institute at Northwestern, a multidisciplinary Integrative Medicine clinic in downtown Chicago.

I recently relocated to the Hudson Valley from Chicago, realizing a desire to create a medical practice devoted to wholeness, grow roots with my partner Brian, develop community, and live among the mountains. Originally from Michigan, I have spent 16 years in Chicago: 4 years in osteopathic medical school, 3 years in allopathic Internal Medicine residency at Rush University Medical Center and nearly 10 years working in Primary Care.

Catherine Uram, MD at Woodstock Healing Arts


Integrative Physician

Kristen Donigan at Woodstock Healing Arts


Integrative Physician


``I have to highly recommend Dr. Uram. I was wanting to try some alternative healing methods, but was uncomfortable excluding western medicine from my plan. Dr. Uram worked with me to create a healing plan that worked for me. The personal service in the comfort of my own home was a great change from sterile Dr. offices! If you are thinking about trying an integrative approach, Dr. Uram is a great place to start!”-Serene, Brooklyn
“From the moment that I met Dr. Uram I felt a spiritual contentment and bond with her. She exhibited a mannerism and sincere concern, which captivated and relaxed me during a painful period of time…With sincere gratitude and appreciation, I recommend and support Dr. Uram's humanitarian approach.”— Barbara, Philadelphia
“I recently had an energy healing and reiki session with Dr. Uram and it was the best I've ever had (and I've tried a lot of different holistic therapies)! She was so wonderful, caring and understanding. I felt so at peace, a lot of release and loved being able to discuss her insights from the session as well. I feel like I made major strides in being able to move forward in my life... Thank you so much and can't wait for next time”— Jennie, Santa Monica
“I really can't say enough about Dr. Uram! She is a real treasure! Super down to earth and easy to talk to, which was very important to me in a doctor! She's also very knowledgeable about health and wellness, and I always feel comfortable when she's recommending something for me bc I know she truly understands the best ways to keep the body in balance. She's truly gifted at analyzing symptoms and determining the underlying problem. Wellness definitely takes a multifaceted approach, and I am grateful I found Dr Uram to help me along my way!”- Kimberly, Venice
“Dr. Uram made me feel extremely comfortable with her lovely personality & warm energy. She clearly was knowledgeable on the different healing techniques & I was pleased with my treatment. I will definitely be seeing her again! For sure five stars!!!”-Katherine, Nashville
“I can't say enough good things about Catherine, she came into my life at a time I really needed her. When all other doctors threw up their hands she relentlessly helped me explore all options to figure out my health issues. She is kind, compassionate and amazing at what she does, I am endlessly thankful for her and her work.”— Jada, Glendale
“Dr. Uram is a healer on many levels. She can guide you to physical wellness but also can facilitate mind, body, and spirit integration. Her work is full of her own personal transformative journey. She can help you claim lost aspects of yourself you didn't know you were missing. She is a glowing beacon of light in a market saturated with guesswork and complacency. Book a session with Dr Uram to find your path to wholeness. You will not just be seen and analyzed but you will be heard and felt by this compassionate healer.”— Simia, Phoenix
“Dr. Uram is a well educated professional who cares about holistic and Integrative medicine. Dr. Uram cares about her patients and she goes the extra step to find solutions for better health. I recommend anyone who needs a holistic doctor to schedule an appointment with Dr. Uram . You will see the real deal in medicine...”- George, Los Angeles
“I felt at ease with Dr Uram and highly recommend her. She focused on my overall wellness and homeopathic ways to control my anxieties. Her experience with traveling brought an interesting perspective to her healing practice. 5 stars!”-Christina, Brooklyn
“Dr. Uram is a compassionate and caring doctor. She listens carefully and has always employed a genuine curiosity and interest in getting to the heart of my issues. From ear infections to sleep problems, Dr. Uram uses a holistic approach to provide both relief and prevent future problems. We always want an easy, quick fix to our problems or a solution in a pill, but the truth is that we must restore balance to our bodies, minds, and spirits before the physical chaos that plagues us recedes and eventually fades away. Dr. Uram, unlike the majority of physicians I have seen, understands this and honors it in her work.” -Naseem, Philadelphia
“Catherine Uram is a doctor you can trust…a compassionate and trustworthy physician!'“-Naomi, Sacramento
“Dr. Uram is a kind, caring and knowledgeable professional and a great listener. She helped me a ton with my anxiety and fatigue and has inspired me to learn much better self care. I can't recommend her enough!” Miranda, Los Angeles
“Working with Dr. Uram was my first foray into concierge/at home medicine. She made the experience easy and comfortable. Her mix of focusing on both the heart-centered aspects of my health as well as the more traditional medicine was refreshing. I absolutely recommend Dr. Uram.”-Carminia, New York
“Dr. Uram has worked with me to reverse many of my symptoms because she gets to the root of the problem. She is kind and compassionate. She is an exceptional diagnostician, carefully listening to my complaints, ( many that have lasted for years) and diagnosing the problem. She provides solutions that include evidence-based medicine, conventional and complementary to address your problems and provide relief. Even better, she is concerned with spiritual health and offers energy healing techniques that really work. I'm so happy I found Dr. Uram who has helped me overcome and heal my body and spirit.” -Debra, San Diego
“Caring, compassionate, and comprehensive, Dr. Catherine Uram takes time to understand the root of the issue and always finds the natural solution. Every time I've gone to dr. uram, i leave feeling freer. I know I'm in good hands no matter what health concerns I have, and appreciate greatly her holistic approach. I can't recommend her more highly! No matter what is troubling you, Dr. Uram can help.”- Josey, Los Angeles
“Dr. Uram is awesome. I had a very profound reiki session with her. I felt a sense of both physical and emotional release during our session and have since felt more grounded. Afterwards she gifted me with some mantra/meditation specific for my needs that has been so lovely to use. I cannot recommend Dr. Uram enough!”— Miriam, Pasadena
“Working with Dr. Uram was my first foray into concierge/at home medicine. She made the experience easy and comfortable. Her mix of focusing on both the heart-centered aspects of my health as well as the more traditional medicine was refreshing. I absolutely recommend Dr. Uram.”-Carminia, New York
“In most of my doctor appointments, I (like most people) have become very used to visiting my GP knowing that I had roughly 15 minutes to cover everything and they had the same amount of time to listen, consider a diagnosis and offer possible treatment. It's just the way it is; it's a very demanding job and they have a lot of people to see and help in a given day. If someone had ever said to me there's an amazing doctor who will come to see me, at my home, I wouldn't have believed it. Not only come to me in the comfort of my home, but take the time and interest to really understand my situation and not conclude our appointment until they were sure they had the right approach to try. Well, I was lucky enough to have such a chance and it's changed the way I look at healthcare. Dr. Uram and I sat in the living room and she asked me about everything. I have always strongly believed that everything in the body is connected and that even the smallest thing might be a clue to the larger issue we're trying to resolve. Well she beat me to it when right away she asked to review my entire medical history. It was great! She wanted ``no stone unturned`` and that made me feel that she really wanted to help. She told me that we would work together on my problem until it was resolved and use a variety of approaches to do so. And she meant it; by the time the consultation was done, we had discussed every concern I had and also a number of approaches, both conventional and alternative. It really made me feel optimistic about my issues. And of course I can't stress enough the value of meeting in a living room instead of an office. With no phones ringing, no busy-ness of an office in the background and nobody interrupting, the appointment was like talking to a friend rather than a conventional doctor appt. Dr Uram is incredibly knowledgeable, bright and is so focused and interested in what she's doing, that you’re really confident in a whole new way of improving your health and your life. I can't recommend her (Dr. Uram) enough...thank you!”-Ronnie, New Jersey
“Dr. Donigan is a gifted clinician who embodies the perfect balance of both the science and the art of medicine. She demonstrates a natural talent and presence to connect with others and to foster the trust that is needed to create change. Her astute clinical skills and generous compassion have served many of our mutual patients in their path towards healing.” - Marissa Serrato MD, FAPA, ABIHM, CCN, Integrative Psychiatrist Chicago, Illinois
“What I appreciate most about Dr. Donigan is knowing that during every appointment she will give me her full attention, listening deeply and not rushing to get to the next patient. She takes every concern seriously and offers solutions that are realistic and effective. I learned so much about myself in my first few appointments that no other doctor was able to determine. She found the root causes to my complicated issues that a dozen other conventional MDs or DOs could not uncover. I have been a patient for 6 years and I have never been healthier and cared for both physical and emotionally.” – Lisa Ringelestein, Oswego, Illinois
“I have been delighted to work with and share integrative patient care with Dr. Kristen Donigan. Patients feel deeply heard and cared for at levels most often unspoken about in medicine. Dr. Donigan practices with heart and patients feel this gentle compassionate approach. She appreciates that uncovering old wounds or traumas provides wisdom for the body’s self-renewal and that finding life’s joy and pleasure elevates profound healing.
Dr. Donigan is a true gem in the medical world!” – Michelle Goebel-Angel, L.Ac., MSOM, MBA Chicago, Illinois
“Dr. Donigan is kind, extremely intelligent, and she deeply cares for people. Her presence, teaching, and compassion allow you to become more yourself.” - Amber Dow, Chicago, Illinois
“Dr. Kristen Donigan possesses all the qualities I look for in a doctor. She is compassionate, caring, immense patience, open to listening to my intuition, and the consummate professional. I have complete trust in Dr. Donigan, and that says a lot. I appreciate that she treats the whole me and not just the physical. It is rare to find such individuals in life, and I am deeply grateful for the value she has brought to my life.” - Danny Faith, Chicago, Illinois
“Dr. Donigan is one of many doctors I have seen and is like no other. Period. She exudes and provides a feeling of calm in her office. Dr. D is a true and connected listener and is always abreast of the current findings concerning east/west medicine. She truly cares. Friends I have sent to Dr. D have all had the same experience and impression. Chicago has lost one of its finest, but many new people will be fortunate to know the gift which is Dr. D.” - Dee Miller, Chicago, Illinois
“Having a long history of doctors who simply did not listen to me, I am totally impressed with Dr. Donigan’s entire approach to health and medicine. Her interest in my health, her ability to remember details of my past care, and offer sound advice with a meaningful explanation, are all components of the wonderful care I was given while seeing Dr. Donigan. She is right on the cutting edge of healthcare, always learning new approaches. Since Dr. Donigan has left Chicago, I am looking for another primary care physician, but I have now seen what quality, personal healthcare looks like and I won’t settle for less going forward. Thank you for everything, Dr. Donigan.” - Carl Miller, Chicago, Illinois
“Dr. Donigan is warm, compassionate and insightful. I am so grateful to feel like she genuinely cares about me and how I'm doing. I've never met another doctor who offers such grounding and connection to her patients.” - Sarah Garcia, Chicago, Illinois