Soul Listening: Akashic Records Readings

ANJAHLIA (Kate Loye) is a Cosmic Shaman, working to bring heaven to earth in this awakening project of the New Earth.  Anjahlia offers Seer Akashic Record Readings, Soul Listening Sessions, and Next Octave privates in person at Woodstock Healing and on ZOOM across the globe.  Anjahlia is a compassionate and deep listener to your soul’s longings.

This session is a sacred ceremony where we open your Akashic Records, pierce through your hidden veil walls, and find your heart’s longings and hidden treasures of your purpose.  We speak to your multidimensional presence, your angels, enlightened guides, teachers, magical beings, and higher Self.

  • Anjahlia holds you in your I AM Flame (your identity) and shamanically pulls away the shadow, to ignite, and activate your Mission Codes, DNA, your innate creativity, flow, and happiness.
  • This session works on all areas of your life as well as with your beliefs and consciousness through all time, space and dimension.  Anjahlia also speaks to the separation, the lost aspects, the sad and hidden parts … inviting all to come into light, love and truth, which opens the gateway to your own empowerment and gifts.
  • You will find potent and immediate shifts to your relationships, health, beliefs, and abundance, beginning a healing process that raises you to a higher octave.  You will feel lighter, more resilient, confident, and encouraged to co-create and manifest the life your hearts wants to lead.



Anjahlia has been compassionately working in the healing arts for over 24 years.  She carries Cherokee Female Medicine lineage that connects her to the indigenous and Mother Earth.  Since childhood, she had visions and would astral travel and journey at night.  Along with other sentient gifts of heightened kinesiology, intuitive, telepathic and empathic abilities.  These opened her to the cosmos and the spiritual realms.  When she began studying and meditating, she would see images, and intuitively began automatic channel writing with her guides.  Later, she found that she was a Seer, a Master Seer who had not shut down her third eye since Atlantis.

Anjahlia has studied many modalities including a 4 yr IM School of Healing in NYC, many energy psychology modalities, Health Kinesiology, Tibetan Buddhism, and Bon Shamanic Buddhism.  Anjahlia began hearing Eygptian Masters, Quan Yin, and other Goddesses, while spontaneously seeing and channeling as she worked as a Master Level Healer at The Kripalu Yoga Institute in  Massachusetts.

Anjahlia is an active seeker of wisdom from her counsel, the earth, humanity and all things.  Anjahlia offers Ascension Gateway Activations on facebook live, and her youtube channel.  She also teaches awakening programs for seers, creativity, and ascension of the New Human on this beautiful New Earth.

Servicing by zoom across the globe. A recording will be emailed to you after each session. Bring a glass of water, an essential oil, and Kleenex to your session.

You may join her newsletter for events and activations.  Find more and free offerings on her website:  Previously recorded Light Language Activations and Gateway Activations can be found on her youtube channel Anjahlia Kate Loye.

Kate Anjahlia is one of the most sincere, dynamic and authentic healers I have ever experienced!, ... and I have seen many on my path of ascension, and it's true! - Sherwood, NYC
Anjahlia is possessed of a rare and remarkable gift, even among elite healers: the ability to “see” what needs to be healed, and in what order, even if the client cannot easily describe or identify it. This healing builds and unfolds in layers until all that is not of a client’s true essence falls away, including dis-ease, misfortune, and more. I have been amazed by the tangible results I have seen in the few months I have worked with Anjahlia, results that include a new job and huge strides in a tricky orthopedic situation, and I anticipate even more great things to come. Thanks! - Beth
Anjahlia Kate Loye is THE Healer's Healer !! There is no one else I recommend to fellow energy healing practitioners more often, because she will always help get you to YOUR next level of development as both a client and practitioner. I was introduced to Anjahlia Kate by another energy worker when my own situation had become insurmountable to handle on my own. I was a disaster on every level and had stopped working on others to focus solely on reassembling and healing myself. Thank God for Anjahlia Kate’s assistance during that time. I needed a specialty energy mechanic, and she is the BEST there is!

Anjahlia Kate offers gentle, fearless guidance along with a very finely tuned Cosmic antenna. Her intuition is spot on and she can target energetic blocks and disharmonies and immediately bring them back into balance. She has an incredible awareness of what is happening inter-dimensionally during each session. Has an impressive ability to remain down to earth while still going ``far out`` into the Highest of dimensions.

A healing session with her is a multilayered symphony of energetic adjustment that provides immediate change, yet continues to unfold long after the session has ended. I feel teams of benevolent beings surround and support me. Each session, she channels specific High level guides who are exactly the ones I need for that day. I receive an energetic adjustment and personal channelled guidance. It is the best prescription for self-care I can think of!

A session with Anjahlia Kate is an indescribable experience of journeying in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Other modalities of energy healing are straightforward ,singular, and basic by comparison. Her sonic journeys are transformative visionary healing experiences that affect the listener deeply. Each time I go back and listen to one again, it is a unique experience. You really won't find this anywhere else.

-Stephanie Hogarth

Anjahlia's work has been very profound and helped me heal and shift patterns in my relationships which hadn't moved otherwise. In addition it reopened my creativity in many ways, allowing me to feel confident, trusting in the divine and in the worth and value of my creations which have expressed through writing, painting, drawing, networking and new work projects that are aligned to my soul and mission... With all my heart, thank you xoxo. - Svara, Switzerland
Since I began working with Kate Anjahlia, I have further blossomed in my evolution, as a healer and as a catalyst for awakening. Her ability to access the higher planes and celestial beings is such that it has removed ancestral implants, helped me connect with my intergalactic family that I didn't realize I had, and liberated areas of myself that I didn't realize needed liberating. Each activation has been dynamic and necessary to my upleveling on my ascension journey.

Another important dynamic is that my TWIN FLAME partner has had sessions with her, too, which helped him greatly get in touch with himself as a seer. Together, he and I have since further awakened into our power, and we are tapping into our greater purpose, towards oneness, which can be very difficult for TWIN FLAMES to achieve. Her work is truly a blessing. - Margarita Alcantara, NYC Acupunturist

ANJAHLIA (Kate Loye)
Soul Listening: Akashic Records Readings