Most of us are constantly striving – to work hard, to give the best of ourselves, to make money, to save money, to find some kind of life/work balance, to do enough, to be enough. And yet so many of us put self-care near the bottom of our priority list.

At Woodstock Healing Arts, we are on a mission to make wellbeing the ultimate metric of success for society, companies, and individuals. The majority of our time is spent at our place of work. Therefore, the majority of our lives are spent there. Workplaces have a real opportunity to make life better for people on a grand scale.

This is the gift that you can give your team. You can serve as a catalyst for this self-healing capacity and then experience the benefits of having a team that is resonating with this way of being. In the presentations below, you will see a number of options for bringing more Wellness to your workplace and why we believe Wellness is so important for not only happy, healthy employees but also for the health of the company.


We have seen companies incorporate these programs as a complement to or in lieu of health insurance. We have been a part of existing wellness programs or helped companies customize our options for brand-new wellness programs.


We would be happy to talk with you and/or your Human Resources Department to discuss the possibility of working together. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions and/or comments at or by phone at 845-393-4325. We look forward to hearing from you.