Emily Barzin

Integrated Energy Therapist

In 2001, right before Emily was about to attend school to become a NYS licensed massage therapist, she had an accident that left her with a lacerated left thumb tendon. This shifted the direction of how she would begin sharing her passion and talent as a healer. Her attention was brought back to her love of horses and so she decided to get her education and first certification in the healing arts as an Equine sports massage therapist.


In 2002 Emily enrolled and attended the Long Island Institute of BTB Feng Shui. The experience of studying and mastering the art of Feng Shui further expanded her ability to read into energies as well as uncovering blockages. She also attended the Stargate Mystery School where she studied unordinary states of consciousness and subtle energies. From there she sought out and gained her attunements in Usui Reiki and began learning and practicing other modalities of energy work such as the work she’s most known for today, which is IET.


Integrated Energy Therapy is a hands-on healing therapy system that “gets the issues out of your tissues”…for good! It is a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause imbalance and disease in the body. IET promotes healing in all areas of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. Using IET as her main method of healing Emily has been able to significantly improve the lives of her clients struggling in such areas as pain, stress, depression, negative habit patterns, phobias, heart/soulmate connections, and soul retrieval… to name just a few.

Emily Barzin at Woodstock Healing Arts

Integrated Energy Therapy

I have been a client of Emily’s for the past 4 years. I’m not even sure where to begin with how amazing her work is and Emily herself. We began by releasing the dark and putting more light into my body and soul. As this happened I was feeling lighter, happier and for the first time in a long time becoming more and more positive. The first few sessions I was bedridden, in a life threatening situation, and not healing. After 2 sessions my body began to heal.
I’ve had gallbladder stones, which Emily picked up on prior to being diagnosed, shortly after another session with Emily they some how dissolved to never be seen again. I’ve also battled with pre cancer cells which were gradually getting worse and worse and were of high concern, once again- somehow these have simply disappeared with no signs! How does that happen?? It’s my body healing itself with the guidance of Emily, working for the higher good with my cells and body. The past 2 session have been absolutely amazing! Releasing shame and working on letting go of issues and concerns that my body was holding onto from past lives. Somehow after meeting with Emily, I gained a strength I didn’t know I had, and stopped history repeating itself- I started to recognize the sign and warning of the past. We’ve worked on love and being loved- and acceptance that I have never had- never felt I should be loved nor deserved to be loved. This was not something I discussed with Emily at any point, but clearly came out throughout the session. Everything has been aligning, I am now in the most amazing relationship I could ever imagine, allowing him to love and me to be loved. It is an unfamiliar experience that words can not describe. But through working with Emily and the guidance she has given my body, I am embracing every moment. As we’ve said, why not- the past wasn’t working for me, so live in the present - why not! Working with Emily on communication and not feeling shunned or ashamed to have my own feelings and to allow me to speak up- this has also changed my life and world for the better. I now communicate more clearly and easily, without hesitation. Anyone thinking about IET with Emily, - don’t hesitate, make the phone call, make the appointment and allow her to guide you and your body onto the life’s path you deserve! Emily has an amazing ability to help our bodies heal, let go of whatever may be holding us back, release the past so your soul can heal and move forward for a better you and life in the present! I wouldn’t be living the best life I have ever had, finally! Thank you Emily for all the amazing work you do!!
I would compare the session to a mind and body “restart button”. My session was a gift and I had no preconceived ideas or expectations. Although difficult to describe in words, I left Woodstock Healing Arts with a truer sense of clarity, strength and ease about both my emotional and and physical being. Emily’s treatment allowed me to remember and reconnect with who I am.
(I loved) Emily's absolute and remarkable skill set and caring demeanor. - Dr. Christopher Allen D.C.
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