Integrated Energy Therapy® (“IET”) is a hands-on healing modality that works with the body’s meridians as well as other energetic aspects to assist clients in their healing. These meridians and energy centers carry Life Force Energy to nourish each organ and cell. To maintain optimal health it is vital to keep the bodies’ Life Force Energy flowing. IET also works with Divine Source Energies to access, correct, and align your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA.


The IET practitioner accesses the Universal Life Force energy by creating a “heart-link” from the practitioner’s own heart to that of the Divine. This opens a channel for healing love to flow through them and into their hands, which are then guided to specific integration points on the client. Through this connection the practitioner is able to access what the true underlying problems really are.


Once all of the negative aspects have been drawn out and cellular memory has been cleared, the practitioner replaces these areas with positive aspects. Thus, the life force energy can once again flow easily through the meridians and health is restored to the person.

Emily Barzin at Woodstock Healing Arts


Integrated Energy Therapist


  • Identifies and clears suppressed feelings, negative emotions, and core cellular memories
  • Clears Karmic blockages from past lives
  • Clears energy blocks that limit your health, relationships, creativity, life purpose
  • Supports your self-healing process in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disorders
  • Opens you up to being able to live your life’s highest potential