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Beyond Bodywork
Jason Maloney is a rare gift of a healer. Jason leads with this intuition and his twenty years of bodywork experience are guided to the patterns of tension that each client holds in their body, mind and spirit. Jason uses his hands, elbows, knees, tuning forks and hot stones to melt holding patterns, leaving clients with a deep experience of ease.

Jason  is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and has been an active student of  “A Course in Miracles” for over 20 years. He trains in Sound Healing at The Sage Academy for Sound.

I have been getting ( and giving ) massages most of my life …I am 76…I can honestly say that today’s experience was the best massage I have ever received. Jason’s combination of physical and spiritual work is unique and effective. HE IS A TRUE HEALER. His openness and connection is powerful. -Terry Reidy
Just wanted to reach out and let you know how amazing we think Jason is. We have been going to him for three years now, and he is always so accommodating, and has such an amazing vibe and we leave feeling 10 times better. He really is special an incredible at what he does. No one like him! Cannot say enough good things or express how much we appreciate him! Just wanted to let you know:) -Mallory
Jason listened to my body and worked intuitively. His method was straightforward, working out my knots. I love that his movement aligned with my breathing. I felt physically and spiritually relaxed after the session. It is beyond massage. It is truly a healing art. Thank you Jason. - Clare C. from Brooklyn NY
I came in with the weight of the world, I walked out with just my own weight. Thanks Jason! - Yi
Jason is a FANTASTIC bodyworker. He works with his magical intuition and lets it guide the process. He is incredibly generous and has many specific skills which he calls upon on in each session. His sessions transport and transcend. Jason is one of a kind! - Juliette
My massage with Jason was great. Before I got here I was feeling tense and a little lost. I left feeling relaxed, centered, and balanced. Thanks Jason! - Rick
Jason didn't just throw me a life preserver today; he swam out into the ocean, put me on his back, and carried me to shore during a storm. - David
If a great massage is an art, then Jason Maloney is a virtuoso. His ability to pinpoint areas where attention is required is uncanny, and his ability to work his magic on those areas is second to none. When it comes to massage, Jason is the real deal. - Jay A., Glenford, NY
Jason was incredibly knowledgable and caring. He immediately was able to determine what areas of my body needed working on and spent the entire hour focusing on those areas. I arrived with lower back discomfort and left Woodstock Healing Arts feeling like a new person. I've already booked my appointment for next week and hope to make it a weekly ritual with Jason. It was truly the best massage that I've ever had. -J.K.
Incredible experience w Jason, shiatsu, intuitive healer. Found all my stuff in my body without me telling him. I walk taller and stronger and more at ease since our meeting. Happy we met. -Pamela Kohll
Jason is an amazing healer. He intuitively knows what's causing the discomfort and is then able relieve it. The best massages I have ever had. Hands down! I left feeling at peace and free from pain. I will return and Jason will be my go-to helper/healer. -H.H.
Jason gives intuitive, creative, healing massage sessions. He has helped me with physical limitations, increased range of motion, and improved sensation and muscular engagement. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking an improved relationship with their physical self. -E.M.
Jason is not only excellent at deep tissue work, but his enthusiasm along with his spiritual focus enriched my experience.
Jason was all in and found spots I didn't know were there.
I had a truly healing experience with Jason during a deep tissue massage. A great practitioner of body work he is also a very generous spirit. I can't wait to come back up to see him again for another session and try some of your other services.
Thank you thank you! KH
Came for a massage, got a healing. Jason is fantastic! - PWS
Jason worked minor, no wait, major miracles on my body. Deeply intuitive, totally present, and immensely healing. - Amanda Palmer
I have profound respect for Jason’s ability to align my body and my mind, my spirit and my joy; All of which can be found in his words, his silence, and his hands. - David T.
Jason is truly remarkable. One of the best experiences of my life both from a physical massage perspective and (in tandem) spiritually. He is a healer and you will walk out of a session with him feeling reborn. Aches and discomfort you didn't even realize you had will be resolved - Vera B.
Jason's techniques go beyond the typical massage experience. He is intuitive and has exceptional energy. - Anonymous
Jason took his time to ask my needs and most of all addressed them all. Jason was awesome. - DK
Jason combines a wide array of techniques to send the body, mind, soul, spirit into deep relaxation and forgiveness. His work had me coming off the table ready to fly! Thanks Jason! - Emily Thomas
!!!! - seriously - I have only had amazing experiences at WHA but Jason is singular even among all the bodywork of my life - what a profound talent!!! Jason's gifts for bodywork are extraordinary. He knows how to feel just what your body needs, and to deliver a massage that is deep in every sense of that word. He brings intuition, creativity, close listening, kind humor, and remarkable strength and power (deployed only with the greatest care). Everyone should be so lucky as to experience a treatment with him.`` - Jynne
The full range of the massage treatment, the welcoming comfort with everyone, and esp. Jason’s skill, understanding of my needs , and his intellectual connection with my interests. -PW
I feel grateful to have had massages all over the world, and even lived at a massage school for 4 years. The massage I received from Jason is the best massage experience I have ever had. Be prepared for an entire physical, emotional, and spiritual experience. Thank You! - Natalie
Jason did a great job of assessing my concerns and working on my problem areas. - Jude Vaghjiani

Jason Maloney at Woodstock Healing Arts

Beyond Bodywork

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