Jason Maloney, LMT

Massage Therapist
Jason Maloney is a NYS Registered LMT, Licensed New York State Massage Therapist, with over 18 year’s experience in his craft.
A true intuitive healer, Jason’s bodywork is tuned in, dynamic, and otherworldly.  Although he’s been trained in many Eastern and Western modalities over the years and gives an outstanding deep tissue massage, what he truly enjoys is creating  personal, energetic, intuitive bodywork sessions for each of his clients.
Jason has been an active student of  “A Course in Miracles” for over 20 years, and is currently training to be a Sound Healer at The Sage Academy for Sound.
If a great massage is an art, then Jason Maloney is a virtuoso. His ability to pinpoint areas where attention is required is uncanny, and his ability to work his magic on those areas is second to none. When it comes to massage, Jason is the real deal. - Jay A., Glenford, NY
Jason was incredibly knowledgable and caring. He immediately was able to determine what areas of my body needed working on and spent the entire hour focusing on those areas. I arrived with lower back discomfort and left Woodstock Healing Arts feeling like a new person. I've already booked my appointment for next week and hope to make it a weekly ritual with Jason. It was truly the best massage that I've ever had. -J.K.
Incredible experience w Jason, shiatsu, intuitive healer. Found all my stuff in my body without me telling him. I walk taller and stronger and more at ease since our meeting. Happy we met. -Pamela Kohll
Jason is an amazing healer. He intuitively knows what's causing the discomfort and is then able relieve it. The best massages I have ever had. Hands down! I left feeling at peace and free from pain. I will return and Jason will be my go-to helper/healer. -H.H.
Jason gives intuitive, creative, healing massage sessions. He has helped me with physical limitations, increased range of motion, and improved sensation and muscular engagement. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking an improved relationship with their physical self. -E.M.
Jason is not only excellent at deep tissue work, but his enthusiasm along with his spiritual focus enriched my experience.
Jason was all in and found spots I didn't know were there.
I had a truly healing experience with Jason during a deep tissue massage. A great practitioner of body work he is also a very generous spirit. I can't wait to come back up to see him again for another session and try some of your other services.
Thank you thank you! KH
Came for a massage, got a healing. Jason is fantastic! - PWS
Jason worked minor, no wait, major miracles on my body. Deeply intuitive, totally present, and immensely healing. - Amanda Palmer

Jason Maloney at Woodstock Healing Arts

Massage Therapist