Jeanne Brooks

Leadership Coaching, Energy Work

Jeanne Brooks is an internationally recognized healer, innovator and entrepreneur. She understands the power of love and believes anything is possible in the present moment. Her visionary leadership has been guiding businesses, movements and leaders around the world to success for over 20 years. Her heart-centered work forms bridges, leads through creative vision and connects diverse communities and ideas. 


Working with groups such as the Online News Association, Hacks/Hackers, NASA and DataKind, she’s built powerful and inclusive local-to-global communities and learning networks. Leading dozens of startup and creative technology events at places like MIT, Harvard, and Columbia, and with partners such as Google, Microsoft and the Knight Foundation, she’s designed experiences resulting in ecosystem-level disruption and change across business, technology, science and journalism. 


Jeanne was a Fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism with a practical study on business models for decentralized networks and a Fellow at the Dodge Foundation studying creative participatory community experiences. She has been a mentor at MatterVC and is a critic at Cornell Tech. Jeanne currently advises the Woodstock Land Conservancy.


She thrives through deep connections to people and nature, and loves pondering the complexity of the human energy field with a scientific lens. Her healing work explores a variety of natural and ancient modalities including energy healing, plant and animal medicine, aromatherapy, crystals and oracle card reading. She is certified in Reiki I, II & the Akashic Records.

Leadership Coaching, Energy Work

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I loved everything! Your whole place has a clear vibe and is very relaxing and welcoming. Jeanne gave a great session - she is highly skilled, very welcoming, clear and intuitive - we had a sharing conversation at the end which was informative and helpful in many ways. The session was very helpful to me! - MA
I came across Woodstock Healing Arts while researching an upcoming trip and was drawn to the Reiki aspect. Having never had Reiki before, I reached out on a whim to Jeanne. She was prompt in her response and accommodating with my needs, but more than that she has an energy about her that is inviting, warm, and comforting. She walked me through the process and created such a loving, safe, and trusting space that I fell easily into a meditative state. Jeanne kindly walked me through setting an intention for myself, listened patiently to all that I was going through and looking for, and allowed me to feel comfortable and seen. Afterwards, Jeanne provided beautiful insight that was incredibly intuitive, perceptive, and on point. It was completely aligned with everything I'd been going through and I walked away feeling cleared and fresh. It was a wonderful energy exchange and really enhanced my entire Woodstock experience. - CDM