Korneel Bouman, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

At once analytical, intuitive and compassionate, Korneel uses a mix of modalities to customize his clients’ treatments based on their physical and emotional needs. He has observed time and time again how people have become disconnected from their body, whether through trauma, overwork, stress, or lack of time, and helps his clients restore balance to their mind-body connection through therapeutic touch and the resulting down-regulation of their sympathetic nervous system.

Korneel is a careful listener, takes the time necessary to talk with his clients to get to the heart of what’s going on, and works with (and within) their comfort level. He cares deeply for his clients, which shines through in the calm, comforting, and restful container he creates while working with them, which in turn allows them to release and relax. Massage therapy is as much an art as a science, and often Korneel will be intuitively drawn to areas needing attention that neither he or his client knew were there.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Korneel now calls the Catskills his home, drawn in by the mountains, skies, and nature. He gladly works with everybody that needs his services, and has special affinity for those that have previously experienced trauma, and the LGBTQIA+ population. He is licensed in New York State, and draws from the following modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, and Cross Fiber Friction.

Korneel Bouman at Woodstock Healing Arts

Licensed Massage Therapist

``I had a wonderful at home specialized massage with Korneel. He made sure that I felt comfortable and cared for. Gentle where he needed to be. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good communicator.`` - Jody Harris
“Korneel provides such a compassionate safe space. I am so grateful for this as it allows me to relax and let go even deeper. His hands are magic and I genuinely get excited before each session.” - K. G.
“Korneel is a very talented massage therapist who took care of my aching joints and tired body in one 90-minute session. I came in aching from an overly-long hike the day before and left feeling rejuvenated. He has a way of doing deep tissue massage that doesn’t hurt but really gets at the sore muscles.” - V. S.
“You know, through our work I’ve come to understand that there were body parts that I never allowed to be beautiful, or to just be. Like my leg, it always had to do something, but now I realize it’s ok for it to just feel good! I can actually feel it now, made of flesh and blood, rather than some remote stick of bone.”- Anonymous
“You’re a miracle worker – I think you’re going to be very popular.” - E. N.
“Oh my god, that was amazing; I don’t think I’ve ever been this relaxed. You’re a gift.” - H. N.
“Every time I see you I feel a little more human.” - J. D.
“There are areas on my body that I don’t like anyone touching, like my shoulders. With you I don’t have that at all. I suppose I have a deep innate trust in you.” - Anonymous