Mark Houghtaling

somatic coaching + integrative body work

What is your deepest yearning?


Somatic coaching and integrative body work offer a path of self-discovery and transformation, where the power of your body and mind converge to create profound change.


Offered in single sessions or multi-session packages, these body-centered practices draw on many traditions and somatic disciplines:

  • dialog and discovery
  • grounding and centering 
  • somatic practices, including meditation, breath work, massage, movement, energy work
  • observation and assessment​
  • action planning and integration


​Discover your body’s wisdom, harness the power of presence, and awaken your full potential.

who can benefit?



The practices i offer are ideally suited for individuals who are ready to begin or advance their journey of self-awareness, healing, and personal growth.



seekers of inner balance: If you are coping with stress, anxiety, or the pressures of modern life, somatic coaching and bodywork can help you regain inner equilibrium. by reconnecting with your body and its wisdom, you’ll learn to navigate life’s challenges with presence, resilience, and grace.



healing warriors: whether you’re recovering from physical injury, trauma, or emotional wounds, this work offers a safe space for healing. we will address both the physical and emotional aspects of your pain, helping you reclaim your vitality.



explorers of self: if you’re curious about the intricate connection between your body and your psyche, these practices provide a path of self-exploration. through gentle guidance, you’ll uncover hidden patterns, release past baggage, and tap into your innate potential.



peak performers: athletes, activists, performers, and anyone seeking to enhance their performance will benefit from this integrative approach. we’ll work  to tune and balance the  body-mind, cultivate radical presence, improve functionality and flexibility, and achieve peak performance.



mindful leaders: for leaders, executives, and others, i offer a  toolkit for enhancing leadership skills. by understanding how your body communicates, you’ll become a more empathetic and effective leader, capable of fostering a healthier and happier workplace.



holistic health devotees: If you’re committed to holistic health and wellness, somatic coaching and integrative bodywork complement your existing practices. we’ll collaborate  to align your body and mind, promoting overall well-being.

my approach


​​At the core of our work together is my dedication to your holistic well-being and transformation. I blend traditional wisdom with modern techniques to create a personalized journey, providing expert guidance: I am a certified mind-body coach and licensed massage/bodywork therapist who brings years of personal and professional experience to your session.


Holistic practice: I believe in treating the whole person, addressing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects to facilitate lasting change.


Safe and supportive environment: this practice is a sanctuary of trust, where you can explore and heal without judgment. i offer gentle, trauma-informed, and socially conscious work in a safe, tranquil setting.


Tailored solutions:  your treatment path and each individual session is personalized to your unique needs and goals, ensuring you get the most out of your experience.


Empowerment: my aim is not only to guide you but also to empower you with the knowledge and tools to continue your journey toward self-discovery and transformation.

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