Sarah Persitz

Reiki Practitioner

Sarah’s work is grounded in ancient wisdom and sacred practices, supporting personal and collective processes aimed at awakening the inner well of wisdom that exists within each of us. 


Sarah’s journey to healing was never a straight line, but a thread unraveling through time. After over a decade of serving in leadership roles for national and multinational advocacy organizations, she began to look inward, understanding it was time to face the trauma stored deep within, manifesting as physical pain in her body. It was this pain that first brought her to Reiki. 


Receiving Reiki offered the experience of feeling safety perhaps for the first time; learning to locate safety within while slowly releasing the layers of fear, survival and forced perseverance that had held her together. Reiki offered a softening; a framework for understanding the world, both physical and spiritual, beginning to see the ways in which they interact and support one another. 


In time, Sarah went on to study Reiki, initially as a tool to support her own process of healing, and spiritual exploration. This exploration took her from the city of San Francisco, to the jungles of Mexico and the ancient land of Israel before relocating to the Hudson Valley. During this time she completed a Master level training in the Usui lineage of Reiki, became certified as a breathwork and meditation teacher through the Academy of Breath, and completed an ACC Coaching Graduate through the MMS Institute of Northern California. 


Today she is the COO of Shefa, a psychedelics organization rooted in Jewish practice, and runs Omanut Collective, where she offers Reiki, breathwork and intuitive coaching. 

As a reiki novice, I had little idea of what to expect. What took place in the space of an hour took me to another place in time, giving me a sense of calm and clarity I didn't even know was possible. Sarah has a true gift, and has thought of every detail to heighten the senses. Highly recommended for anyone looking to deepen the journey within. - Casey
I deeply enjoyed Reiki with Sarah and felt a real energetic shift from the experience. Sarah creates an atmosphere for healing and nurturing of body, mind, and spirit. Her knowledge and use of crystals opened up areas in my body I wasn't previously aware of. Highly recommend. - Beth
Sarah created a very calm, open environment that allowed me to feel totally comfortable as we went into our session. We talked about the process and she answered all my questions. It was amazing that during the session, Sarah was able to pick up on a blockage in my throat chakra which is something I started working on before we met but hadn’t shared, to improve my communication and speaking my truth. The session itself was very relaxing and I felt a sense of internal peace when we finished. - Tamar
In our container, Sarah held a space of both safety and empowerment-a place I had struggled to find together. Not only did I feel heard and seen, but I was guided in familiar and also new ways of listening to myself. We spent a lot of time exploring what it meant to feel at home within oneself, a kind of relationship I could develop for the rest of my life…and in our work together we were able to cultivate what a conscious and loving connection could look like, and most importantly, feel like in my bones. - KD


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