COVID-19 is a novel corona virus that is now officially a global pandemic.


TO BE CLEAR: If you are showing symptoms of the Coronavirus, such as Fever, Cough, and/or Shortness of Breath, CONTACT YOUR MEDICAL PROVIDER OR CALL 911 immediately. Nothing that we have to offer is meant to replace or be used instead of western medical care. The herbal remedies and lifestyle/nutrition recommendations that we make are meant purely as a complement to your existing care.

One problem is that we don’t have enough hospital beds or tests to fully support those who have unfortunately contracted the virus. Even when people are admitted to the ICU, they are given Supportive Therapies, most of which are pharmaceutical in nature. Many patients are asked to leave the ICU once the peak of the virus has passed and to return home to quarantine and recuperate, which can take weeks of respiratory distress.


Many others choose not to admit themselves to the hospital for a number of reasons.


This resource is particularly for you if you are NOT in an acute attack of the virus but either suspect that you may have it or have been tested but are no longer in the care of a hospital.


China has on record over 320 large-scale epidemics since the dawn of Traditional Chinese Medicine, about 2,000 years ago. That comes to a pandemic about every 6 years. What that means is that they have a lot of practice handling public health on a large scale before Western Medicine was even born.



COVID-19 first appeared in the Wuhen district of China this past winter. Since Traditional Chinese Medicine is more fully integrated into public health care in China, we now have the benefit of learning from the experiences of traditional Chinese doctors, whose herbal remedies have aided thousands in their recuperation from the Corona Virus.


Virtual consultations allow for our practitioner, a fully licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, to assess your health condition and make recommendations for the herbal remedies that will best serve your condition. Remedies are ordered online and delivered directly to your door. Follow-Up Consultations are recommended shortly thereafter, as directed by your practitioner.

Anna Mikhaylenko at Woodstock Healing Arts

Acupuncturist, Herbalist