Live From Dialysis, Post #10, In Limbo, Again

A dear friend is currently being worked up to see if they are a compatible match.  What we believe to be her final tests were completed yesterday and the results should come in over the next few days.  So, cross your fingers!


The challenge of patience…


There is nothing really to do around this process right now… it’s in their hands.  I am working on getting my blood pressure down, preparing myself for a best-case scenario, where my body is ready…


And sorting out how to manage my own energy output is a challenge! On some days, fresh air is everything. On others, there is nothing as grounding and organizing as treating.  What’s consistent is sleep and keeping my fluid and salt intake down… but then what?


I write these posts from dialysis, so you often get me really feeling sorry for myself! In dialysis I often get a headache, as I have now… so writing is a challenge, and sharing what is generally a more positive outlook is also a challenge.

But I suppose that’s also part of my purpose in writing.. to shine some light on what can be a very physically tough lifestyle: dialysis. I knew little to nothing about it prior to landing here, and it’s a pretty common treatment for a lot of people. So, I do hope that reading my posts has opened up some compassion and understanding for all of us in these situations.


Have you indicated to the DMV that you are willing to be a donor if you pass? Do you know anyone else in Kidney Failure? Just touching base with them will make a difference…



Ben Fleisher
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