I have nothing to say today. Nothing wise or smart or compassionate.

I love the feedback I have received. It’s honestly wonderful to hear that the challenges that Venetia and I face are reaching people’s hearts.

Here is what I want:

I want my body to snap-back. I want my blood pressure to come down and my back to stop going out (I am sure all these hours of sitting don’t help) and my kidneys to wake up like they were just having a great night’s sleep and pick up where they left off. I want to stop having something to complain about.

I want my friends to remember what life feels like before stress and over-stimulation… before that under-current of alertness. I want to stop worrying about the sh*thole in the oval office and everything that comes with him. I want everyone to know joy and pleasure in the regular.

Ok, there’s some wisdom and compassion in there, mixed in with all that aversion and desire.



We celebrated our first year of the center the other night. Quite amazing to have our community come out to celebrate. Amazing that our doors are still open and we have the team there that we do… Venetia and I are super-psyched to have launched our Membership program… Its really what will get us from year 1 through year 2 and ideally make all of the center’s services that much more accessible while keeping our practitioners fed and nourished and occupied and evolving.

My big takeaway this week is how hard this all is for my family. I want a change, I want the new lease… mostly I want my mornings back and more good sleeps. I want¬† Venetia to get her mornings back, my kids to get enough of me again and my mom to have one less thing to worry about.

I want you to have a courageous, loving, joyful day.

Ben Fleisher